What should every heart warrior parent read or watch?

Over the last few months, there have been umpteen articles, books and movies that we have been going through learning about TGA or CHD in general. Some of them I googled and found out, while others were just referred to us by friends of other CHD babies.

I am just posting the links to these, its worth a quick view. If there are any other resources that can be added, please do not hesitate to let me know – I am hoping we could have a good list of resources for families to start browsing:


  • Walk on Water: The Miracle of saving Children’s Lives: A very inspiring book about Dr. Roger Mee, pediatric heart surgeon from Cleaveland Clinic who worked on CHD babies. Had tonnes of information on what one could expect during surgery – short stories of different cases the surgeon worked on.


  • Something the Lord Made: Depicts a story of a doctor and his lab technician in the 1940s in Baltimore who started working on ways to operate on blue babies.
  • The Heart of the Matter: A documentary on CHD in general – a very good introduction



  • ZipLine: A book written by the father of a little girl who has CHD that talks about the large scar on babie’s chest post open heart surgery.
  • Patch the Heart Lion: A Lion character called Patch who also has CHD and experienced a number of hospital procedures, a story worth sharing with your little heart warrior

Hope this is helpful for parents who are starting to look for information…


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